Saturday, July 19, 2008


From Malaysiakini
Existing DNA sample too old, says PM
Chan Kok Leong Jul 18, 08 7:37pm
The authorities require a fresh DNA sample from Anwar Ibrahim because the sample extracted 10 years ago is too old, said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today.

How can a DNA be too old? I guess all of us watched CSI before. Even if a body has rotten and left with only bones. We can still identify a person with its DNA or you can even just grab a single hair from a person to get its DNA.How can a DNA be too old? What kind of lame reason is this? The Government can say that we have already reach out to space but yet our Government can make such an idiotic statement.Can we just absorb and believe such statement made by our Prime Minister Ahmad Badawi? I think he made this statement because he hear someone in the cabinet saying that DNA has an expiry date or something...Well Pak Lah is not a scientist and never studies DNA before but to make such statement, this is gonna be another laughing stock to the whole world...

Aku setuju dengan Vincent,Hai Pak Lah..Pak Lah...Sudah Lah!...Orang lain punya najis anda kena sapu? Bagaimana seorang Perdana Menteri cakap semborono saja..kalau cakap kat orang ulu bole la depa percaya...tapi la ni orang ulu pun dah pandai pandai..malah lebih pandai dari Pak Lah. Masakan Mayat reput bole diambil Sampel DNAnya...walaupun tinggal tulang...sedangkan Sampel DNA DS Anwar masih dalam simpanan mereka...aduuh! gawat ni...kesian puak puak UMNO...gila meroyan!



alvin lee said...

I think the whole world must now be laughing at us!!!!!!!!!!!!! DNA too old??????????????????????????

What a stupid statement and coming from our PM !!!!!!!!

Are all our BN MPs going nuts????

Mr Green said...


Malaysia Today!

Minister and Prime Minister,dumb and dumber

ken said...

PM... hai go back to sleep lar.....
DNA too old, u the one who are old enough to leave ur chair.